Advisory Message from Hillsboro Beach Police Department

Advisory: Hurricane Season 2023 is here! 

As you know, hurricane season is upon us.  Being prepared is vital during hurricane season, especially to coastal communities like Hillsboro Beach.  We would like to ask every resident to begin his or her preparedness plans.

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is once again expected to be above normal with 12-17 storms.  Of those, 5-9 are forecast to become hurricanes with 1-4 becoming major storms. 

According to the National Hurricane Center, remember these things while developing a plan:

  • The type of hazards that could affect your family.  Hillsboro Beach is vulnerable to storm surges, flooding, and high winds.
  • Locate a safe room or the safest areas in your home for each hurricane hazard.  In certain circumstances the safest areas may not be your home, but within your community.
  • Determine escape routes from your home and places to meet.  These should be measured in tens of miles rather than hundreds of miles.
  • Have an out-of-state friend, as a family contact, so all your family members have a single point of contact.
  • Be certain coconuts exceeding six (6) inches in diameter are removed from palm trees (Per Town Ordinance #2018-07)
  • Make a plan now for what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate.
  • Post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when to call 911.
  • Check your insurance coverage – flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.
  • Use NOAA weather radio.  Remember to replace its batteries every 6 months, as you do with your smoke detectors.
  • Stock non-perishable emergency supplies and a Disaster Supply Kit.

Hurricane information will be provided via E-Mail as it becomes available to the Hillsboro Beach Police Department.  Sign-up for these E-Mail/Text alerts by registering with Nixel at

Thank you,
Chief Jay Szesnat

Notice to All Shareholders – Termites Update

Fellow Shareholders:

As you will all recall, we knew last fall from several C building owners that we had termites – and perhaps had had them for some time. So last fall and winter (the problem was not a lot of owners had them), we had at least five extermination companies out to give us their opinion and bids. But there was disagreement on what type of termites they were and therefore how to treat them. We knew we had tented  in 2017 so consensus was it would be unusual to require tenting again. So we were convinced by Petri-Pest (a reputable company) that we had subterranean termites and we treated accordingly ($4,990 + $980 annual treatment for one year). You may have seen those green tubes in the ground around both buildings. 

But sadly, the termites did not go away – we actually had Petri-Pest out again in April).  And this week when the roofers tore off the old C roof, they found major infestation. [For those of us not there, have pity for our brethren who were, because apparently termites were falling from the sky and overwhelming everything and everyone – some people (thank you, Bruce) sprayed for temporary relief but clearly we had a bigger problem than spray could relieve.]

Our roofer (G-Force, Greg Spahr) has been a great help and given us his recommended companies. So we are now in the process of gathering bids for tenting.  The good news is the roofer (and exterminators) all believe the roofing should finish and THEN the tenting should be done. And because this is “swarm” time for termites, the reputable companies are very busy. We’re looking at the end of June or early July.  We also don’t know yet if D building will need to be tented as well. Our roofers will be tearing off that roof next week. 

Also there is much to do in preparation for tenting. The main prep for the building will be bagging up food and medication (they provide the bags), removing any plants from the building, providing all keys for all units, and all units have to sign the checklists attached and residents must be out for 2 nights. We don’t have all the quotes yet (we’ve had one from Beach Environmental for approximately $18,000 to give us an idea), but thought we should let everyone know what is happening. When we have the quotes, we’ll hold a board meeting for which a notice will be disseminated.

Board of Directors

Hillsboro Miles Ocean Apartments

HMOA – Memo to Shareholders from the Board of Directors

Dear 1043 Shareholders: 

It is that time again, when the part-time residents begin arriving for the winter and the full-time residents must relearn having to share the communal areas which they have had to themselves for the past five months.  We ask everyone to please re-read their By-Laws and the House Rules (both can be found on the website) so that we have everyone in compliance and working together as a community.  Here are a few Rules and facts to be emphasized and shared:

1.  The part-timers pay exactly the same as the full timers even though they only get to enjoy the fruits of their labor for a much shorter time period.  It would be hoped there is no resentment from the full-timers but rather gratitude as the part-timers support the full-timers.  Let us all work to enjoy our slice of paradise by complying with all rules which were created to allow for everyone to benefit.

2.  Beginning November 1, please remember that everyone is to comply with the vehicle parking rules:  one vehicle (no trucks) per unit in the east parking lot of the specific building of your unit.  All visitors and vehicles and trucks in addition to the one per unit are to park in the parking space on the west side of A1A.

3.  No individual shareholder is to make any changes to ANY common area without Board approval.  This means EVERYWHERE outside of the interior of your individual units:  FLAGS and FLAGPOLES, walkways, lawns, trees, bushes, flowers, fences, beaches, parking lots, pool area etc.  Also please, remember, there is a map in House Rules for where you are to place your chairs and cabanas on the Association Beach just east of the buildings.  In accordance with the City of Hillsboro Beach, there are to be NO belongings stored in the sea grass or on the public beach.  Any property left in common areas or public areas will be removed.

4.  In line with #3, if you make any change without Board approval, you will be invoiced for the cost of returning the change to its prior condition or advised to do so yourself.  THERE IS TO BE NO BUSH, TREE, OR FLOWER TRIMMING, REMOVAL, or planting without prior approval — regardless of the worthiness of the project, it MUST be Board approved.

5.  In line with #3, if you intend to USE communal areas for your personal use, (other than the areas that are intended for everyone’s use — pool, beach, grills) you MUST have prior Board approval.  For example, it you are having a party at the Boathouse, you must reserve it; if you are having a large party or gathering anywhere OTHER than the Boathouse, you must first obtain Board approval.  The Board will then, if approval is granted, let all other shareholders know so they can make alternate plans, etc.  Recently, there was a large party on the east side of Building C — which although for a worthy cause and would most likely have been approved, as not all shareholders were informed prior to the party, it caused legitimate dismay and concern.

6.  The electrical lights have been repaired so all walkway and parking lot lights should now be fully functional.  Also the lights by the Boathouse have been repaired and are now on a new timer.

7.  Barbara Beltaire and Jocelyne have joined the Beautification Committee and they, Sophie and Nicole – with the assistance of our handyman, Gabriel Ramirez, have been hard at work.  They hope to repaint the walkways with sanded paint, finish planting bushes and flowers over the next several weeks; fix the pool tile, clean the pool area; paint the shuffle board (FYI:  1043 has been challenged by 1045), will have repaired the one washing machine in the C building (remember, we have new machines with a whole different pay set-up); replace one of the broken barbecues; replaced all lights by unit doors, and repair storage door locks.  If you see any of these ladies, be sure to thank them for their time and efforts.  Also as a reminder, Gabriel Ramirez works Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings.

8.. We are experiencing termites again, but apparently only in unit 3/6C.  If anyone else is experiencing termites or other insects please notify a board member by email or text immediately.  We were told they were subterranean termites and therefore did not require tenting.  However, we have since received opinions that they are NOT subterranean termites.  We are therefore treating 3/6C separately.

The minutes for all board meetings (and the annual meetings) are posted on the website.

Certainly, if anyone has any questions, you can reach out to any Board member (Sharyl Ginther,; Avi Ezra,; Maria Chota,; Sophie Levesque,; Paul Levine,  We will do our best to answer and be responsive to your concerns; however, please recall this is a VOLUNTEER board — PLEASE BE CIVIL!  We are all neighbors.

1043 Hillsboro Mile Ocean Apartments Board 

Hurricane Nicole Update – Message from Deb Tarrant, Mayor, Hillsboro Beach

Performance of Raised Area on A1A 
Those residents who were in Town Wednesday witnessed the deluge Hurricane Nicole brought. At high tide, it was a trifecta of potential flooding. King Tides, a level-one hurricane, and the regular high-tide cycle put our newly constructed road in the south end of Town to the test. I am happy to report the road performed well and at no time did it flood. Imagine what things would have been like under these circumstances before the road was raised…
On the other hand, damage beachside is a different story. In many places, the beach suffered substantial erosion. Even the middle mile (which typically fairs better than the north or south mile) lost two to three feet in elevation where waves pounded against the dunes for a sustained period of time, scouring away not only the sand, but wiping out large portions of the dune itself. This demonstrates the importance of the dunes as a protective barrier.  
Looking out at the relatively calm, clear water today, it’s quite easy to see massive amounts of sand repositioned just off-shore. While there is a possibility some of that displaced sand will be carried back onto shore, it’s good that we have already done the legwork and been given approval for a major beach nourishment in March. This will be our first joint nourishment with Deerfield under the terms of the settlement agreement reached in 2020. The process for a beach nourishment can take two to three years to get all the permits (Broward County, State of Florida, and United States Army Corps of Engineers), bid the job, schedule construction, and actually execute the work. In addition, the work must be performed outside the six months of turtle season. 
Looking Ahead 
A mid-November storm system like Nicole is fairly unusual, and after Ian, many people assumed we were home free for this year. We are fortunate to have escaped the worst part of Nicole’s wrath, but we will have to accept the fact that our beach will not see major improvement until March. In the meantime, we need to count our blessings. Let’s enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends and appreciate all the good things about living in Florida!
Deb Tarrant
Mayor, Hillsboro Beach

Advisory from Town of Hillsboro Beach: Turtle season is starting soon! 3/1/22 to 10/31/22

Town of Hillsboro Beach Residents,

Turtle season is quickly approaching. Here are some reminders to abide by throughout the season:

1.) Keep lighting low, shielded and wavelength (light sources are greater than 560nm and include amber, orange, and red LEDs.)

2.) Beach fire permits will not be permitted throughout the season. Fire permits will resume November 1st, 2022. 

3.) Preserve the beach habitat. Sea turtles rely on the sandy beach to complete their life cycle. Keep it pristine by disposing of trash properly, picking up litter, filling in holes, and keeping beach chairs stacked as far from the water as possible after sunset.

4.) Do not disturb the nests. If you see a nesting female or hatchlings on the beach, observe from a distance and refrain from taking photos. Turn off flashlights and cell phones. If hatchlings are found away from the beach, call 954-328-0580.

Here are some important phone numbers:
-Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program: (Emergency Line 24/7) 954-328-0580
-Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: (Wildlife Hotline 24/7) 1-888-404-3922
-Lighting Assistance and General Questions: 954-519-1255

Thank you all for your cooperation during this season!

Hillsboro Beach Police Department
1210 Hillsboro Mile Suite B
Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062