HMOA – Memo to Shareholders from the Board of Directors

Dear 1043 Shareholders: 

It is that time again, when the part-time residents begin arriving for the winter and the full-time residents must relearn having to share the communal areas which they have had to themselves for the past five months.  We ask everyone to please re-read their By-Laws and the House Rules (both can be found on the website) so that we have everyone in compliance and working together as a community.  Here are a few Rules and facts to be emphasized and shared:

1.  The part-timers pay exactly the same as the full timers even though they only get to enjoy the fruits of their labor for a much shorter time period.  It would be hoped there is no resentment from the full-timers but rather gratitude as the part-timers support the full-timers.  Let us all work to enjoy our slice of paradise by complying with all rules which were created to allow for everyone to benefit.

2.  Beginning November 1, please remember that everyone is to comply with the vehicle parking rules:  one vehicle (no trucks) per unit in the east parking lot of the specific building of your unit.  All visitors and vehicles and trucks in addition to the one per unit are to park in the parking space on the west side of A1A.

3.  No individual shareholder is to make any changes to ANY common area without Board approval.  This means EVERYWHERE outside of the interior of your individual units:  FLAGS and FLAGPOLES, walkways, lawns, trees, bushes, flowers, fences, beaches, parking lots, pool area etc.  Also please, remember, there is a map in House Rules for where you are to place your chairs and cabanas on the Association Beach just east of the buildings.  In accordance with the City of Hillsboro Beach, there are to be NO belongings stored in the sea grass or on the public beach.  Any property left in common areas or public areas will be removed.

4.  In line with #3, if you make any change without Board approval, you will be invoiced for the cost of returning the change to its prior condition or advised to do so yourself.  THERE IS TO BE NO BUSH, TREE, OR FLOWER TRIMMING, REMOVAL, or planting without prior approval — regardless of the worthiness of the project, it MUST be Board approved.

5.  In line with #3, if you intend to USE communal areas for your personal use, (other than the areas that are intended for everyone’s use — pool, beach, grills) you MUST have prior Board approval.  For example, it you are having a party at the Boathouse, you must reserve it; if you are having a large party or gathering anywhere OTHER than the Boathouse, you must first obtain Board approval.  The Board will then, if approval is granted, let all other shareholders know so they can make alternate plans, etc.  Recently, there was a large party on the east side of Building C — which although for a worthy cause and would most likely have been approved, as not all shareholders were informed prior to the party, it caused legitimate dismay and concern.

6.  The electrical lights have been repaired so all walkway and parking lot lights should now be fully functional.  Also the lights by the Boathouse have been repaired and are now on a new timer.

7.  Barbara Beltaire and Jocelyne have joined the Beautification Committee and they, Sophie and Nicole – with the assistance of our handyman, Gabriel Ramirez, have been hard at work.  They hope to repaint the walkways with sanded paint, finish planting bushes and flowers over the next several weeks; fix the pool tile, clean the pool area; paint the shuffle board (FYI:  1043 has been challenged by 1045), will have repaired the one washing machine in the C building (remember, we have new machines with a whole different pay set-up); replace one of the broken barbecues; replaced all lights by unit doors, and repair storage door locks.  If you see any of these ladies, be sure to thank them for their time and efforts.  Also as a reminder, Gabriel Ramirez works Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings.

8.. We are experiencing termites again, but apparently only in unit 3/6C.  If anyone else is experiencing termites or other insects please notify a board member by email or text immediately.  We were told they were subterranean termites and therefore did not require tenting.  However, we have since received opinions that they are NOT subterranean termites.  We are therefore treating 3/6C separately.

The minutes for all board meetings (and the annual meetings) are posted on the website.

Certainly, if anyone has any questions, you can reach out to any Board member (Sharyl Ginther,; Avi Ezra,; Maria Chota,; Sophie Levesque,; Paul Levine,  We will do our best to answer and be responsive to your concerns; however, please recall this is a VOLUNTEER board — PLEASE BE CIVIL!  We are all neighbors.

1043 Hillsboro Mile Ocean Apartments Board