Please keep in mind the following reminders for better living practices at the apartments.


Cabanas and chairs are owners personal property, every item should be tagged with unit number.



Specific parking spaces are not assigned. Please park in the nearest space available to your apartment. Owners may only park on the east side of A1A (only one car per apartment is permitted to park on the east side of A1A).

Renters & Guests:

Because Building C has parking spaces for all 21 apartments, and Building D has only 17 spaces for 21 apartments on the east side of A1A, all renters and guests must park in C and D’s Guest Parking areas on the west side of A1A. It will be the owner’s responsibility to notify all renters and guests of this rule.


Handicapped Parking will be arranged for owners and/or authorized tenants who have a valid Handicapped Parking Permit from any state.


As set forth in our By-laws, Section 7, Article XII Amended, “an owner may not sublet an apartment throughout the first two (2) years of ownership”.

Subsequent to that period, an owner planning to rent their unit must provide the Board with information regarding the proposed tenant’s background, employment history, etc., before the Board can rule on the rental request.

Current Florida state laws prohibit rentals until such information is obtained and maintained on file by the Co-op. Owners are responsible to see to it that any approved tenant (or guest) abides by all House Rules and our Corporate By-laws.

Rental forms are available from the Board Members or can be downloaded  from the “Occupation & Rental” section  and must be filled out with answers to all queries.

Owners renting apartments to the same person(s) for consecutive years must submit an application each year regardless, however an investigation will not be done after the initial year unless deemed necessary by the Board.

An apartment may be rented once during the period of October 1st through April 30th, and/or once during the period of May 1st through September 30th. Children under 18 years of age are not permitted to occupy apartments of tenants or guests. (Owners’ immediate family exempted.)