Notice to All Shareholders – Termites Update

Fellow Shareholders:

As you will all recall, we knew last fall from several C building owners that we had termites – and perhaps had had them for some time. So last fall and winter (the problem was not a lot of owners had them), we had at least five extermination companies out to give us their opinion and bids. But there was disagreement on what type of termites they were and therefore how to treat them. We knew we had tented  in 2017 so consensus was it would be unusual to require tenting again. So we were convinced by Petri-Pest (a reputable company) that we had subterranean termites and we treated accordingly ($4,990 + $980 annual treatment for one year). You may have seen those green tubes in the ground around both buildings. 

But sadly, the termites did not go away – we actually had Petri-Pest out again in April).  And this week when the roofers tore off the old C roof, they found major infestation. [For those of us not there, have pity for our brethren who were, because apparently termites were falling from the sky and overwhelming everything and everyone – some people (thank you, Bruce) sprayed for temporary relief but clearly we had a bigger problem than spray could relieve.]

Our roofer (G-Force, Greg Spahr) has been a great help and given us his recommended companies. So we are now in the process of gathering bids for tenting.  The good news is the roofer (and exterminators) all believe the roofing should finish and THEN the tenting should be done. And because this is “swarm” time for termites, the reputable companies are very busy. We’re looking at the end of June or early July.  We also don’t know yet if D building will need to be tented as well. Our roofers will be tearing off that roof next week. 

Also there is much to do in preparation for tenting. The main prep for the building will be bagging up food and medication (they provide the bags), removing any plants from the building, providing all keys for all units, and all units have to sign the checklists attached and residents must be out for 2 nights. We don’t have all the quotes yet (we’ve had one from Beach Environmental for approximately $18,000 to give us an idea), but thought we should let everyone know what is happening. When we have the quotes, we’ll hold a board meeting for which a notice will be disseminated.

Board of Directors

Hillsboro Miles Ocean Apartments