Advisory from Town of Hillsboro Beach: Turtle season is starting soon! 3/1/22 to 10/31/22

Town of Hillsboro Beach Residents,

Turtle season is quickly approaching. Here are some reminders to abide by throughout the season:

1.) Keep lighting low, shielded and wavelength (light sources are greater than 560nm and include amber, orange, and red LEDs.)

2.) Beach fire permits will not be permitted throughout the season. Fire permits will resume November 1st, 2022. 

3.) Preserve the beach habitat. Sea turtles rely on the sandy beach to complete their life cycle. Keep it pristine by disposing of trash properly, picking up litter, filling in holes, and keeping beach chairs stacked as far from the water as possible after sunset.

4.) Do not disturb the nests. If you see a nesting female or hatchlings on the beach, observe from a distance and refrain from taking photos. Turn off flashlights and cell phones. If hatchlings are found away from the beach, call 954-328-0580.

Here are some important phone numbers:
-Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program: (Emergency Line 24/7) 954-328-0580
-Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: (Wildlife Hotline 24/7) 1-888-404-3922
-Lighting Assistance and General Questions: 954-519-1255

Thank you all for your cooperation during this season!

Hillsboro Beach Police Department
1210 Hillsboro Mile Suite B
Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062