Happy New Year 2022!

Dear Residents:

Well, the 2022 Season has now begun!  There are a few reminders that have been made in the past at this time of year which bear repeating: 

1.  Please review the House Rules which can be found on this website (www.1043Hillsboromile.com; password “paradise”). 

2.  Remember that there is a diagram for placement of chairs and cabanas on our beach within those rules.  Additionally, only Dan, our handyman, can move cabanas and chairs, so please seek him out if you believe your chairs/cabana are not placed correctly and need to be moved.  Also remember to always put chairs and cabanas down at the end of the day for safety reasons and so they do not obstruct views of first floor residents.  Lastly,  It has been requested by our Beautification Committee if you’re purchasing new chairs/cabanas, please choose neutral colors. 

3.  We want to remind everyone if your unit is going to be used by anyone without the owners’ presence, please let the Board know.  And remind your guests of the House Rules. 

4.  We also want to remind everyone there are NO PETS allowed on the premises unless they have received specific approval from the Board.  Please be sure your guests comply with this rule as well. 

5.  Parking:  each unit may only use one parking space in the upper parking lot.  Additional vehicles, including service trucks and guests, need to be parked in the lower parking lots.  Also, PLEASE park in your building’s lot — e.g., there should be no C cars in the D lot and no D cars in the C lot — remember there are not an equal number of parking spaces for the number of units.  

6.  As this is the time for holiday visitors, pool area celebrations and hired workmen, PLEASE remember to lock and leave locked our pool gate, restrooms, storage room and  boathouse including all its sliding glass doors.  They have been left unlocked — and we are finding abused/unclean restrooms and boathouse property or privately owned property stolen.  

We are all looking forward to the 2022 Season at 1043 Hillsboro Mile! 

Any questions or concerns, please reach out through the website. 

Board of Directors