Notice to all shareholders – Rental of Units

Interested in renting your unit this coming winter or next? If so, the following individuals are looking to 1043 Hillsboro Mile to rent either a one bedroom or two bedroom unit. These individuals are good friends or family of current shareholders.

  1. Mylene – (looking for a one or two bedroom unit with A/C for February or March 2022 for both her parents). Mylene can be reached at (438) 504-3667.
  2. Anne Varian (current owner) – (looking for a one or two bedroom unit for her friends, a married couple) in the spring months 2022. You can reach Ann at (330) 338-4152.
  3. Helen and Marc Thibaudeau – (looking for a two bedroom unit with A/C from January to March or April 2023). Marc can be reached at (514)795-5048 or email

Take note that as an owner and shareholder, you will need to follow the process in place as described on the website under “Occupation & Rentals” page.