Notice to all Shareholders – Shutters/Windows

Dear Shareholders,

Florida regulations require the HOA to ensure all units are equipped with either impact windows or shutters in working condition.

As a routine measure of hurricane preparedness, we perform annual inspections in April/May, but this year’s was missed.

It is in everyone’s interest to gain a reasonable level of peace of mind.

Protecting your unit also prevents neighboring units from potentially suffering collateral damages.

Please contact Gabriel, handyman, directly and arrange for him to check your shutters.

Keeping shutters in operable condition is the owner’s responsibility.  

If needed, Gabriel will do minor adjustments like tightening a screw or spraying lubricant. However, for any work beyond that you need to hire a qualified contractor.  

As stated in “House Rules – April 2022” under  

Notice of any necessary repairs will be given and if repairs are not immediately made,  the Board will take action to be sure the repairs are done and the owners will be charged.  

 Please comply with this request for the peace of mind and safety of the community.  

Board of Directors, HMOA