Reminder to All Shareholders – Cabanas and Chairs Left on Waterfront Sand Area

Dear Hillsboro Mile Ocean Apartment Owners,

Many cabanas are being left on the waterfront sand area during low season, please be reminded of the following rule from our House Rules:

“During low season or if not being used for an extended period, cabanas must be placed in the ground floor storage room inside building. Each owner is responsible to place their chairs at their designated space upon their arrival for the season and then removal from the beach for safekeeping once they leave for the season.

Each piece of equipment must be clearly identified with your unit number.”

It is the owner’s responsibility – not the HOA’s or the HOA Board – to place their chairs/cabana in the storage room.  Owners who have their chairs/cabana on the beach need to make arrangements within ten (10) days of being notified to have someone put them away, after which time equipment will be disposed of.  If you wish, you can privately hire Gabe to do that for you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Board of Directors, HMOA