Notice to All Shareholders Regarding Upcoming Annual Meeting, Proposed By-Law Amendment and Changes The Board is Promulgating to House Rules

You will have all received with the 2nd Notice of Annual Meeting a proposed By-Law amendment and changes the Board is promulgating to House Rules.  By way of explanation:  we have all chosen The 1043 Hillsboro Mile Ocean Apartments as our little paradise due to its gorgeous beach, landscape, communal spaces and facilities. As you are all aware though living in a community brings many great advantages but it can also be challenging at times. This is why House Rules were created. They ensure we can all enjoy our property and its assets equally, in a peaceful, friendly and altruistic way to avoid conflicts such as those which have arisen in the past and continue to arise.

As your Board of Directors, it is our goal to provide a safe, healthy and happy community.  We did some research with other communities and we believe that in order to continue to do so, we needed to add some specifications to our House Rules to make them clear and concise and to benefit everyone. 

We very much hope these new House Rule clarifications and additions will result in a fair and safe living environment for all.


Currently, By-Law Article XII, Leases and Occupations, Section 5 states: The rights of use and occupancy shall be further subject to the establishment and promulgation of House Rules as the Board of Directors may from time to time prescribe; provided, however, that all such rules shall affect all leases and all lessees uniformly.  

We propose amending Section 5 to add the words  “and penalties” after the words “House Rules”

Currently, the Board is intending to add the following section to House Rules: 

“Violations of House Rules and resulting penalties:

  1. For violations of federal, county and state rules and regulations as set forth by those entities and provided on our website, including but not limited to regulations regarding COVID, the unit owner shall be notified of the violation in writing (text or email) and if the violation is not immediately rectified, the unit owner associated with the violators will be fined $50 per day for each day that a violation continues to occur or reoccurs.”

     Links to federal, county and state rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 : 

2.  For violations of House Rules by owners or guests of owners regarding parking as set forth on our website, the unit owner shall be notified of the violation in writing (text or email); and if the vehicle is not removed within twelve (12) hours of the notification of the violation, the vehicle shall be towed at the owner’s expense.  A second violation will require no notification before towing.  The location of the towed vehicle will be provided by the Hillsboro Beach Police Department.  The towing of an uninvited visitor’s vehicle which is illegally parked will be subject to removal pursuant to the posted signs on our property.   Additionally, it is to be emphasized that large trucks, pickup trucks, utility vans, and motorbikes are to be parked in the intercoastal parking spaces.   Bicycles should be stored in the bike racks by the Boathouse or inside the owner’s unit.

3.  Any unit owner, or his or her guest, who removes a posted sign from our property shall be assessed the cost of the sign and its replacement.

4.  For violations of House Rules by owners or guests of owners regarding personal property on Association property, including anything beyond individual’s patios and porches, on the beach, or on communal spaces including flower beds and white pebbled areas, owners of said personal property including but not limited to sporting equipment, shall be notified in writing (email or text) to remove said personal property.  This also includes prohibited decorations in flower beds or on buildings such as plastic flowers and pink flamingos.  If said personal property placed in violation of said House Rules is not moved within six (6) hours, it may be removed and placed in storage. Repeated violations will result in a fine and require no notification.

5.  For violations of House Rules by owners or guests of owners that require repairs/actions to rectify, the offending owners shall be assessed the cost of said repairs/rectifications,   Specifically, this includes any owner or owner’s guest making any changes to the grounds, including but not limited to trees, shrubs, and flowers, and including but not limited to cutting, trimming or planting, without the permission of the Beautification Committee.  In addition to the cost of the repairs/rectifications/replacement, an owner (including an owner responsible for his guest’s actions) shall be fined $100 per infraction — as a deterrent. 


The following will be added on page 4 of the House Rules:


Only shareholders are allowed to entertain in the Boathouse.  Renters do not have that privilege.

Reservations shall be made on a first-come, first-serve basis on the reservation board in the Boathouse.  No need to post at the mailboxes.

The Boathouse shall be left cleaned and all garbage removed after each use.

Please return to the Boathouse any item removed accidentally.


shall include the following replacements and additions:.

G.   Lounge chairs are to be put back into their original locations after use and umbrellas closed before leaving the pool area.

I.  Pool equipment may not be tampered with.  Pool temperature is not to be changed.  

J. Fishing area on boardwalk should be reserved to behind the equipment shed to prevent awkward smells around dining area.


Each owner is attributed a designated space within the waterfront sand area, as per plan below. Please respect individual spaces and be governed accordingly.  

The waterfront sand area is to be used by owners, guests or tenants only.  Each owner is entitled to place two lounger chairs and one cabana on their designated place (see below) and these must be facing south.  The chairs can be moved throughout the day but must be facing south by end of day and cabanas closed.  Two beach chairs and an umbrella for the ocean beach can also be stored between the lounger chairs.  It should be noted that any other equipment such as raised umbrellas or hammocks are not permitted in this area or any other community area.

During low season or if not being used for an extended period, lounger chairs and cabanas must be placed in the ground floor storage room inside building.  The handyman may put up and take down the cabanas one time per year.  Each owner is responsible to place their chairs at their designated space upon their arrival for the season and then removal from the beach for safekeeping once they leave for the season.

Each piece of equipment must be clearly identified with unit number.

At the end of each day, all equipment on the beach must be returned to its original space and cabanas and chairs must be lowered.

Please find the new beach diagram. Any changes can be discussed with the Board prior to Annual Meeting.

Board of Directors, HMOA