To all 1043 Hillsboro Mile Association Members:

1. The Secretary of the Board would like to update our email addresses/telephone numbers/main addresses (if other than Hillsboro Mile) on our website.  As these are only accessible with the use of a password, we feel it’s safe to post the information there.  However, should you wish your name and information NOT be on the website, please respond to this email to “opt out.”   If you have updated information, please provide it so Rod (with Cabot) can make note for his records and pass on the information to the Board.

2. We are hearing from fellow Association Members about dogs being on the property — both members and guests.  Please recall that there are to be no PETS at 1043 Hillsboro Mile Road at any time — even visiting.  We will be discussing the issue at the annual board meeting seeking penalties as it is unfair that many of us follow the rules while a select few don’t believe the rules apply to them. 

3.  Please recall if you are making changes to your outer window, doors, air-conditioning in any way, the Board needs to approve and then you need to obtain a permit from Hillsboro Beach. 

4. We also want to clarify the process of notification of Board Meetings.  Our annual meetings notification is set by By-Law.  But our Board Meetings have been more informal over the years.  We’d like to put more structure in the process.  Until notified otherwise, our Board meetings will be quarterly (February, May, August, and November) by Zoom.  The date, time, and Zoom link will be posted on the website at least two weeks in advance for anyone who wishes to attend.  If you’re interested in attending, check the website during those months. The minutes of the Board meetings are also posted on the website.  If anyone has a suggestion or objection please notify us at“.

Board of Directors