Spring 2020 News

IMG_2106We are pleased to introduce the new Board of Directors at 1043 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, as follows:

Gordon Freeman, President
Sharyl Ginther, Vice-President
Chantal André, Treasurer
Jocelyne Belisle, Secretary
Lesia Bakum, Director
Gary Kirt, Director

The 2020 Annual Meeting was held on February 5th where many shareholders from both buildings C and D were present.  For all details on the Annual Meeting, please refer to Page « Documents and Policies » of this website www.1043hillsboromile.com.

We also want to urge Association members to please fill out and send the “Contact” form found on this website with issues or suggestions or comments you would like someone from the Board to address.  Open communication is key and any suggestion or comment is welcome.  We will do our best to review, provide action plan and keep you posted on developments.

Our attorneys (Backer Aboud Poliakoff and Foelster) have been addressing some issues with the Association and these are still ongoing.

As you may know, some work is currently underway to perform repairs around Buildings C and D and the boat house.  We will keep you posted on activities surrounding these repairs and when those will be finalized.  These reflect the Special Assessment you all received from Cabot Management with the latest billing cycle.  Some quotes are currently being looked at and work should start shortly.

There is currently a waiting list for boat slips by the intracoastal side.  Currently, there is only one slip available for rent and it will likely be occupied in the next while.  If you would like to be placed on the list, please fill in the « Contact » form mentioned above and we will proceed with adding your name to the list.  There is currently two persons on said list.  Take note that the rental fee for each slip is being revised and it will likely be increased substantially.

To conclude, Board members have been investing a lot of time and energy to ensure our buildings and surroundings are in the best possible condition at lowest cost and without compromising quality of work and material used.  We all live in a safe environment and would like to make every possible effort to maintain our paradise and keep it as beautiful as can be.

We invite all shareholders to regularly glance through the website as there will be updated posts on an ongoing basis.

Board of Directors
March 2020