COVID-19 – Broward County Emergency Order

Below is link of Emergency Order signed by Broward County Governor and filed on April 3, 2020.

Please be governed accordingly.

Broward County Emergency Order 20_05


Below is link of Emergency Order No. 2020-02 Safer at Home – COVID-19, Town of Hillsboro Beach

Emergency Order – Safer At Home Order Hillsboro Beach


Revised Notice 

It has come to our attention that day visitors have become a problem at our private beach now that the public beaches are closed.  During this time of national and state emergency we must protect our residents, who, as a senior community, are all in a high-risk category.
Therefore, effective IMMEDIATELY, as all the other communities around us are also doing, ONLY Association members/residents (and a resident’s immediate family) will be permitted to have access to any of our common areas:  the pool, the beach, the docks, the walkways, and the lawn area outside/beyond the concrete apron/patio of each individual unit — and social distancing will be practiced by those residents at all times.  There are to be no unnecessary visitors at this time.
If a resident has a repair or a support person needing to access a resident’s condo through a public space, please email Vice President Sharyl Ginther ( as to the specifics (date, time and purpose).  The Board wishes to remind the Association members that this is being done for ALL of our safety.
This is an issue that is growing in urgency.  Today, Hillsboro Mayor Deborah Tarrant issued a public statement…
     “It appears we will be living under Safe At Home Orders for another month.  There are already repeated complaints from residents in particular buildings that their Boards/Associations are not taking the necessary steps to look out for residents’ welfare through social distancing, specifically relating to the beach and pool areas.  I suggest we begin immediately implementing Code Violation procedures for those buildings where we have had multiple complaints.  The ones I personally am aware of are Port de Mer, Hillsboro Ocean Club and the A,B,C coops.”
Let’s stay code violation free.
Revised April 1st, 2020

Message to all shareholders

Please refrain from using the boat house as the use of the premises is not essential in these times of prescribed isolation and social distancing.
The coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty for community associations throughout Florida, especially concerning amenity use.
We share your concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact that it may have on our community. We urge that everyone continues to turn to the CDC and other qualified health professionals as their primary source of information and guidance.
Please be advised that we, at 1043 Hillsboro Mile, are closely monitoring the ongoing updates with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
We are encouraging our residents to please do the same. Excellent guidance can also be obtained via the Town’s website or at the following (CDC) Center for Disease Control link below;
We are making sure that all common surfaces on the property (i.e. door handles, the gate, the boathouse restroom door handles, etc.), are cleaned and sanitized as much as possible on a daily basis.
Please help us by taking the necessary measures to protect your wellbeing and the welfare of your family by following recommended guidelines.
We encourage you to communicate any issues by completing the form on the website on the « Contact » page.
We thank you all for your support and consideration.
Board of Directors
March 2020